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Ilaria Colleoni



Ilaria has over twenty years of experience successfully managing projects, products, and companies. She started her career in Bologna, Italy managing the development and roadmap for high-tech products, whilst coordinating related customer relations and overseeing a 30-person team.


At TAS Group (with over 400 experts in 20 countries), Ilaria ran industrial relations, and was  responsible for negotiations with Italian trade unions. In her human resources role, she was in charge of the entire selection process and drafting of employment proposals for management recruits.


After over 15 years in human resources, with solid expertise in developing people’s potential and skills, Ilaria started organizing training programs to transform people and organizations towards a more positive work culture. In 2016, she founded Peplo, a company focused on event design and organization, corporate communication, and team building activities. Since 2019, Ilaria has served as the CEO of Loop AI Consulting, Loop AI Group’s subsidiary. She has a degree in computer science at Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna.

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