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Started in San Francisco and expanded to offices across the world, Loop AI Group is radically changing how enterprises turn their workflows and data into business value, in any language 


Our mission is to turn any organization into a cognitive business: We provide the tools needed to meet the future demand of knowledge workers and to augment the capacity of current ones. This radically improves productivity and cost efficiency.


We envision a world where cognitive services and products will transform our workplaces and personal lives—automating the mundane, anticipating relevant information and connections, and allowing more time for leisure and creativity.


Founded in 2012, Loop AI Group’ scientific and engineering team has a rich history of experience in researching and implementing artificial intelligence in organizations such as the Artificial Intelligence Center at SRI International (founded as Stanford Research Institute) and Stanford's Computational Semantics Lab, including participation in the $200M DARPA CALO project (Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes), the largest government-funded artificial intelligence project in history. SRI pioneered innovative products, including the computer mouse, the Internet, high-definition television, and spun-off successful companies such as Intuitive Surgical, Nuance Communications, Orchid Cellmark, Siri (acquired by Apple) and Tempo AI (acquired by

Currently, Loop AI Group is one of the few vendors recognized in the cognitive computing industry market. It is the only provider to offer a fully unsupervised integrated (hardware and software) cognitive platform called Loop Q that is capable of learning and reasoning in any language or enterprise lingo: This way, Loop Q enables the development of cognitive robots that augment or automate human workflows—and entire human teams.

GM Calafiore at Tech Insights 2018
Founder of Loop AI Labs talking about 'Scaling Tech Companies' at Tech Insights 2018.
Loop AI Labs and LINK Mobility 
enter partnership to embed advanced AI capabilities into LINK platform, creating the smartest mobile services & solutions provider in Europe.
Loop AI Labs receives the Aragon Research Innovator 17 award 
Thank you! With Jim Lundy
At the podium of
Tam Tam Talks
Ettore Murciano talks about
customer experience
Our Chief Scientist, Dr. Patrick Ehlen
gives unique insight on the implications of AI for the VR & AR industries at Digility 2017.
A fantastic turnout at the It's All Banking Insurance Event
Loop AI Labs keynote speaker Ettore Murciano.
Backstage Interview Andrea Pitrone, 
VP Customer Success a All Banking and Insurance
The Silicon Review
Cover Story on Loop AI Labs 
What is Cognitive Computing? Our Chief Scientist Patrick Ehlen explain the basics of Cognitive Computing.

The passion. The science. The drive. Our team.

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