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Daniele Preda


Daniele Preda is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the digital landscape and a solid 15-year track record in sales. He has navigated diverse professional environments, ranging from small-scale enterprises to structured multinational corporations, collaborating effectively with colleagues from various disciplines and numerous partners.

Daniele's proficiency lies in strategic client management and the initiation of new business negotiations from inception, leveraging his extensive networking and people skills.

During his extensive tenure at (now LinkMobility), Daniele occupied multiple pivotal leadership roles across various sectors, including technical, operations, sales, financial, and executive functions.


In his role as Managing Director, Daniele successfully oversaw a team of more than ten direct reports and achieved notable corporate milestones. These accomplishments included substantial cost reduction initiatives and a significant enhancement of profitability.

Daniele Preda's career is distinguished by his role as a creative problem solver and process orchestration expert. His commitment to driving business excellence makes him a valuable asset in C-level decision-making and strategic leadership contexts.

Furthermore, Daniele holds a Computer Science degree from University of Bologna, emphasizing his strong academic foundation in science and technology.

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