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Jaana Heikkila


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Loop AI Group's VP of Marketing, Jaana Heikkila comes from Finland. She has worked in the global technology business in several company management positions for over 20 years.

Jaana started her tech industry career at Nokia and Microsoft. After she had participated in the build-up and management of three startup companies in Stockholm and Helsinki in the early 2000s, she relocated to Rome. In Southern Europe, Jaana worked with Etnoteam's (currently NTT Italy) executives and investors on M&A target scouting and international partnership management.


In 2004, she co-founded the Rome and Milan chapters of the popular international networking events Mobile Mondays that were instrumental in creating the mobile industry ecosystem in Italy. Originating in Helsinki in the year 2000, Mobile Monday became the leading global mobile community with over 100,000 members and chapters in more than 150 cities worldwide.


Jaana worked with several international corporations’ executive suites on marketing, global partner management, and business development for a decade. She followed the development of the IoT market by working in the pioneering companies in that industry in San Francisco. Jaana joined the Loop AI Group team in 2016, and she has been defining the company brand on the global market space and creating worldwide visibility through a variety of mediums including in collaboration with the leading AI industry analyst firms.

Jaana holds an M.Sc in social sciences from the University of Helsinki and a degree in business administration from Helsinki Business College.

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