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The Irreversible Change

35 experts and visionaries forecast the irreversible changes after
COVID-19 and the choices to become a major role-player in the future

The pandemic has speeded up a number of the changes currently already in progress and has indeed brought about a number of entirely new ones.

Indeed, nowadays it’s become much easier to imagine an entirely touchless society that will go well beyond gesture or voice commands and cashless payment, or even “homeisation”, a term coined to describe the growing trend towards being able to do everything from home thanks to digital technology.

The report "Nothing will ever be the same again" published by the Gianroberto Casaleggio Association lays the foundation on which to plan for the future. 35 experts with a great vision and extensive experience have put together their collective intelligence, which reveals a rich tapestry of multi-disciplinary reflections of individuals, all experts in various different fields, ranging from corporate managers to sociologists, from virologists to intellectuals, and from entrepreneurs to medical practitioners.

All of the experts that we involved followed a two-stage process, borrowed from the Delphi technique, whereby they first answered questions put to them by the Gianroberto Casaleggio Association, and then they were called upon to explain whether they personally agreed or disagreed with the answers given by the other experts, but without knowing precisely who gave which answer.

The end result of the exercise is the 10 main predictions on which the majority of the experts were in agreement and, on the other hand, the 10 topics on which the expert opinions were divided, ranging from strong agreement to total disagreement.

Take a free copy of the report "COVID 19: Nothing will ever be the same again"

Herewith is a list of some of the 35 experts in various different fields that we called upon and who agreed to share their ideas for this project, giving freely of their time and knowledge:


Father Paolo Benanti, Theologian and Professor.

Member of the Third Secular Order of St. Francis, his field of expertise includes ethics, bioethics and technology ethics.


Franco Bernabè, Manager and businessman.

Successful corporate director and former head of Eni and Telecom. Since 2016 he has been President of UNESCO’s Italian National Commission.

Matteo Bonelli, Attorney.

Partner at Bonelli Erede and renowned expert in the field of Corporate and Real-Estate Law.


Francesco Caio, Manager.

After heading up various companies including Vodafone Omnitel, Avio and Poste Italiane, he is now Chairman of the Saipem Board of Directors and Alitalia.


Gianmauro Calafiore, Entrepreneur.

A successful entrepreneur with an in-depth knowledge of digital technology, he founded the San Francisco-based Loop AI Labs, a leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Andrea Cardamone, Manager and Entrepreneur.

A highly experienced Manager, innovator and change-management expert, particularly in the Banking sector.


Barbara Carfagna, RAI Journalist.

Presenter of the television news program Tg1. She is an expert in the field of digital technology and technologically advanced companies, as well as a scriptwriter and presenter.

Innocenzo Cipolletta, Manager and Economist.

Successful Manager and former General Manager of Confindustria and former President of the Sole 24 ORE daily and the National Railways Company. As an economics expert, he now heads up the Italian Private Equity, Venture Capital and Private Debt Association and is also President of Assonime.


David Corsini, Businessman and Manager.

CEO of Danieli Telerobot and expert in the field of industrial engineering and robotics.

Mariano Corso, Professor.

Lecturer at the Milan Polytechnic and an expert in the field of leadership and innovation, he is the Scientific Manager for the Smart Working and Cloud Transformation Observatories.


Roberto Costantini, Manager and author.
Director of the Guido Carli Free International University for Social Studies, lecturer in Business Administration and author of best-seller novels.

Luca De Biase, Journalist and Professor.
Expert in the field of new technologies, he is the founding director and editor of Nova24, the technology insert of the Sole24Ore daily newspaper.


Beniamino de’ Liguori Carino, Manager.
General Secretary of the Adriano Olivetti Foundation, Vice-President of the Olivetti Historical Archives Association and Editorial Director of Edizioni di Comunità.


Derrick de Kerckhove, Sociologist and Professor.
World renowned expert in the field of digital culture and author of numerous essays. He is Scientific Director for Media Duemila and the TuttiMedia Observatory.


Domenico De Masi, Sociologist and Professor.
Emeritus Professor of Industrial Sociology at Rome’s “La Sapienza” University, where he formerly held the post of Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences.

Valerio De Molli, Entrepreneur and Manager.
Managing Partner and Managing Director of The European House – Ambrosetti, expert in the field of management and member of the Board of Directors of numerous companies.


Massimo Di Felice, Sociologist and Professor.
Lecturer at the São Paolo University and founder and Director of the International Research Centre for Atopos digital networks.

Francesco Erspamer, Professor.
Lecturer in Romantic Literature at Harvard University. Expert in the field of cultural transformation, particularly during the Eighteen and Nineteen Hundreds through to modern times.


Andrea Faragalli Zenobi, Manager.
Successful corporate manager, expert in the field of management and former President of Italo.
Massimo Fini, Author and Intellectual. Unconventional author who has become a point of reference for cultural anti-conformists.

Luca Josi, Manager.
Brand Strategy and Media Manager for TIM.


Daniele Manca, Journalist.
Deputy Editor of the Corriere della Sera daily newspaper and expert in the fields of economics, the digital world, politics, sociology and communications.


Luca Mercalli, Climatologist and Science Journalist.
Heads up the Italian Meteorological Society, as well as Editor of the Nimbus Magazine and Lecturer in Environmental Sustainability.


Giorgio Metta, Scientist and Professor.
Science Director of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT). Formerly Professor of Cognitive Robotics at the University of Plymouth.

Salvo Mizzi, Manager Kauffman Fellow.
Amongst the original pioneers of the Internet in Italy, he is an expert in the field of digital innovation and investment. He formerly headed up TIM Ventures and Invitalia Ventures.

Roberto Poli, Sociologist and Professor.
UNESCO chair for anticipatory Systems. Heads up the Master Course in Social Forecasting. President of the AFI (the Association of Italian Futurists) and Skopìa.

Carlo Petrini, Gourmet and Sociologist.
Expert in the field of food and agriculture, he is also the founder of the Slow Food Association.


Chiara Rostagno, Architect and Professor.

Former Director of the Cenacolo Vinciano National Museum and Lecturer in Art Restoration Techniques at the Milan Polytechnic.

Guido Scorza, Professor and Attorney.
One of Italy’s top experts in New Technology Law, a field in which he has been involved for over twenty years.


Guido Silvestri, Medical Practitioner and Virologist.
Full Professor and Head of Pathology Department at Emory University in Atlanta, as well as Director of the Microbiology and Immunology Division at the Yerkes Center. Editor of the Journal of Virology.


Valerio Tacchini, Notary.
Successful Notary and expert in the field of innovation.

Take a free copy of the report "COVID-19: Nothing will ever be the same again"

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