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451 Research
12 April 2018
Loop AI Labs eyes growth in deep-learning-based decision-making with Loop Q
The startup is looking to expand its presence in the cognitive-based decision-making sector by serving up an unsupervised artificial intelligence platform for analyzing large volumes of text using a deep-learning-based approach.
Nelson Hall
30 January 2018
Loop AI Labs - RPA & AI Technology Evaluation
NelsonHall’s RPA and AI technology evaluation report provides a comprehensive and objective analysis of Loop AI  Labs’ offering, capabilities, and market and financial strength.
Everest Group
31 October 2017
Artificial Intelligence in Global Services – State of the Market Report – 2017
This report helps demystify AI from the point of view of global services (i.e., IT and business process services). It includes perspectives from the market about the differing definitions of AI, its adoption across industries and functions.
14 November 2017
Technology Pathfinder Landscape: The Data Management Playbook
The variety, velocity, and volume of data continue to explode; business stakeholders want direct access to diverse data; and firms now set policies and assume the risk of data management and usage.
Woodside Capital Partners
12 September 2017
WCP Proudly Releases the Newly Expanded Artificial Intelligence Report
Woodside Capital Partners announces the newly expanded publication of Artificial Intelligence: The Ultimate Technological Disruption. Artificial Intelligence (AI) software performs complex tasks of learning and cognition at a level that matches or exceeds that of humans.
September 2017
IDC Market Glance: Cognitive/AI Systems, Search, and Content Analytics, 3Q17
This IDC Market Glance provides a glance at the current makeup of the cognitive/AI systems, search, and content analytics market landscape, illustrates who some of the major players are, and depicts the segments and structure of the market.
Aragon Research
11 April 2017
The Aragon Research Technology Arc™ for Artificial Intelligence, 2017
This inaugural edition features 31 technology and market profiles that are split between the emerging, adopting, and mature arcs.
HfS Research
22 February 2017
HFS Blueprint Snapshot: RPA Providers
A holistic understanding of automation at large and RPA in particular, and to understand how providers are driving RPA across a diverse set of use case and into new scenarios such as Application Management.
18 January 2017
TechRadar™: Artificial Intelligence Technologies, Q1 2017
AI Technologies Will Augment Your Enterprise Applications, Amplify Your Intelligence, And Unburden Your Employees.
18 January 2017
TechRadar™: Artificial Intelligence Technologies And Solutions, Q1 2017
Road Map: The Customer Analytics Playbook
CB Insights
12 January 2017
CB Insights Unveils the AI 100 List at The Innovation Summit
Loop AI Labs Cognitive Computing Selected in the “Core AI” Category to the 2017 AI 100, Highlighting Advancements in Loop Q, The First Commercial Unsupervised Cognitive Platform
ILI Consulting AG
22 November 2016
The Digital Innovation Compass – Expert Study
May 2016
IDC Innovators: Machine Learning–Based Text Analytics, 2016
Loop AI Labs - Machine Learning Innovator
11 April 2016
On the Radar
Loop AI Labs Cognitive Computing Platform distills knowledge from dark data an unsupervised learning appliance that makes this advanced technology easier to adopt

Read the latest coverage on Loop AI Labs, the industry, and the technology behind our unsupervised bots. 

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